What Makes Our Sound Healing Subliminals for Weight Loss Different?

We have mixed our subliminal weight loss music with popular music genres, like Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, Punk, Funk, Easy Listening, Country and more! No matter what your tastes in music, we have something for you!  

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Weight loss self hypnosis and subliminal programming, can help you to not only change your attitudes and habits about food and your ability to lose weight, they can also help to address the issues of depression, anxiety, and stress, which can all contribute to an unhealthy weight gain. So lay back, relax, and start losing weight!

Another BiG Difference: Our weight loss programs utilize the art and science of binaural beats and isochronic tones for weight loss, for a deeper and more transformative experience! These sound therapy techniques help to balance both brain hemispheres, and also use various sound frequencies and pulses to bring you to a deeply relaxed and happy state. Our Weight Loss subliminal and self hypnosis programs not only can bring you to a natural state of very deep hypnotic relaxation, they can also help to improve your mood, without pills.

Amazon.com Binaural Beats Weight Loss Customer Review:
“I was stagnant in my weight loss. I figured for the price, what’s the harm? I’m into Hypnosis, turns out she went to HMI(hypnosis motivation institute) and I’m taking online classes from there, so that’s cool. But I listened to the cd everyday, I don’t have cravings, I’m not snacking all day, eating the same foods or even portion sizes. I had my weigh-in with my Dr a week later and the results… 11 pounds. it’s a few days since that appointment and it’s 4 more pounds. I’m not dieting, not starving, I’m just changing the way I think about food. It tells you not to eat to fulfill your emotional needs, only when your hungry, only eat things that are good for you and be more active. I feel better about myself and I have much more energy. I am so excited, my coworkers are all wanting to try it too.”

photo_21366_20101005Changing your feelings and thoughts is the first step to lose weight! Nature intended you to be the ideal healthy weight, for your unique body type. Happy, healthy, vibrant, naturally you! No need to compete with Hollywood, no need for plastic surgery, you are not plastic, you are real. Are you ready to get real about weight loss? It all starts in your head! The attitudes we learned about food and eating, our stress levels, peer pressure, depression, anxiety…. it all affects you, and your weight. Did you know, a lack of good, restorative sleep can cause you to gain weight?

What Makes Our Subliminal Weight Loss Music Different?

binaural beat weight loss musicWhat Are Binaural Beats?
If two different sounds are played into each ear through headphones, the brain works to find a balance; as an example, if the sound in your left ear is 450 Hz, and the sound you are hearing in your right ear is 460 Hz, your brain will create a binaural beat of 10 Hz. The binaural beats are not really heard, as they are below the natural range of human hearing, but you can often hear a sort of “humming” as the binaural beat. The brain becomes entrained, resonating at the same frequency as the binaural beat. When this happens, it can change the brainwave patterns temporarily. This has a profound effect; it’s been shown that binaural beats are very effective at creating meditative and hypnotic states.

binaural beat weight loss musicWhat Are Isochronic Tones for Weight Loss?
Isochronic tones are regular beats of a single sound, used for brainwave entrainment. They produce the beat outside the brain, so headphones are not required . Isochronic tones work by emitting sound at regular intervals, which excites the thalamus, causing the brain to duplicate the frequency of the Isochronic tones, thus changing the brainwave patterns.

What Does This Have to Do With Losing Weight?

Binaural Beats and Isochronic Tones can reduce the urge to self medicate with food, by relaxing the listener, and increasing Alpha and Theta brainwaves, as well as correct brainwave deficiencies commonly found in addictive personalities.

What is a Subliminal Message?

A subliminal message is a focused message for change, embedded into music; subliminal messages are intended to side step the critical and self sabotaging nature of your conscious mind. Subliminal messages are able to avoid the critical nature of your own thoughts.

Although science hasn’t definitively proven or disproven the validity of subliminal messages, it is a certainty that junk food producers have been using subliminal messages to encourage you to over eat; why not take the same tools, and use it to your own advantage?

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How Do We Create Our Subliminal Weight Loss Music?

To achieve our subliminal programs, we use special software that raises the sound frequency of the subliminal script to a level that is not perceptible to the conscious mind, but will be fully percieved and understood by the subconscious mind. (Think in terms of a “dog whistle”.) The theory is, that the sound pulses of the words follow a pattern that your ears and body will recognize, even though it is not consciously heard. (Imagine the sound “touching” your body, like how you can feel the beat of a drum. Your body will understand the “feel” of the words.)

What’s in the Subliminal Weight Loss Script?

There is a part of you, deep within your subconscious mind, that knows how to heal and make changes in your physical body. This is the part of your mind listening right now. This part of your mind knows how to heal a cut or a wound, this part of your mind knows how to grow new cells and tissue, and it knows how to stop healing when your body is well. This part of your mind also knows how to adjust your metabolism. This part of your brain is very powerful, and amazingly wise. This body-wise place in your body and brain, knows how to make you gain weight, and lose weight, be warm or cold, to speed up your metabolism, or slow it down. This part of your mind knows, how to regulate blood flow, cell growth, tissue growth, muscle growth, and everything that happens, in your physical body. This part of your mind, will restore the normal reflexes, that will keep your appetite satisfied, and bring into play, that wonderful sense of well being, you seek.

The word diet, is a negative word. It threatens you, with the denial of food. Balance, is a positive word. It makes you feel relaxed, comfortable, and alive. The old desire to diet, is now completely removed, from your mind. The sense of guilt, and self punishment, is now removed. You realize now, that the real answer, is in restoring your natural, physical balance. With each breath, you breathe in, health and vitality, and with each exhale, you release that which no longer belongs within your body. Unhealthy eating habits, that did not work for you, and the extra weight, were perhaps ways of creating a security blanket, a sense of comfort, and a sense of being whole, and complete, in the past. You responded this way, because of stressful emotions. And the way it works for you, is it presents a trigger response. Something very natural, and very easy, and very involuntary. In the past, your subconscious mind was trying to help remind you, of the lessons learned from those emotional situations. It gave you, what it thought, was the best response. We want to thank your subconscious mind for that reminder, but you don’t need that anymore. You now have other ways of responding, that are healthier options than food, and eating. The lesson has been learned.

You can imagine other ways of dealing with situations, and expressing emotions safely, without the need for food. You now have, the creative ability, to choose the most positive way, of responding. You may write your feelings down, or listen to your favorite music, or take a walk, or simply take a few deep, relaxing breaths. Eating is only necessary, to satisfy and nourish your body. You only eat to satisfy real hunger, not emotional hunger. Many layers of fat, may have served a really good purpose, in the past. They served to protect you, in one way or another. Thank your subconscious mind, for recognizing your need for protection, and for providing it, at that time. But now, you are an adult, and it’s time to see things, in proper perspective. You don’t need lots of food, it’s just a habit you’ve gotten into. The subconscious mind, controls the automatic actions and reactions.

When habits are formed, they become unconscious learning, things that we do automatically. You don’t have to do that anymore. Eating to fill emptiness never solved anything, it just made you gain weight. Imagine all your stress, boredom, and wanting for food, draining out. All of those associations, the times and activities that triggered your desire to eat, are draining out, through your body. Food never solved anything for you. From now on, you only eat when you are physically hungry. Emotional hunger is no longer an issue. When you are not hungry, you don’t eat. When you’ve had enough to eat, you stop eating. That’s all there is to it. You inner mind, knows exactly how much you need to weigh, and it shows you, the right way. The more you use your body, the healthier and fitter it becomes. You have much more energy, much more vitality, and you really begin to enjoy life, more and more. You listen to your heart, and you are in tune with your body, mind and spirit. You know exactly how much food, your body needs, to achieve it’s goal, and when you’ve had enough, you simply stop eating. You also know, exactly how much exercise, your body needs. You know when to start, and when to stop. All parts of your body, mind and spirit, are working in harmony, together.

You are eating smaller portions, of healthier food, and because you are eating smaller portions of healthier food, your body becomes lighter, and healthier. You have more energy, more strength, and more vitality. You begin to use your body, in a beneficial, and energetic, way. You love the feeling of healthiness, that comes from your new eating habits. Because everything you put into your mouth, is good for you, otherwise, you wouldn’t put it into your mouth. Everything you eat, turns into health and beauty. A beautiful, strong, and healthy body. Your mind and body always knows, when you’ve had enough to eat. And when you have had enough to eat, you stop eating. You just stop eating. It’s as easy, and simple, as that.

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